Concept & Mission.

ECCENTRIC Art & Research is a platform dedicated to the diffusion, and commercialisation of strong research-based artistic practices, regardless of any medium-specificity.

Conceived as the logical continuation of many years of academic research and praxis in the art world by its founder, ECCENTRIC brings together strong theoretical grounding and legitimating instances with a market oriented and institutional promotion of the artists who are part of the team.

It is ECCENTRIC’s specificity to conciliate these two instances, and to promote—among art lovers, collectors, institutions and stakeholders—a global vision of art as art-at-large and a deeper awareness of the continuity and dialogues between research and the cross-pollination of art, science and technology and more traditional artistic practices.

In this sense, art-at-large means that ECCENTRIC selects artists to work with and artworks to show and sell only focusing on the solidity of the research behind them and their consequent aesthetic quality, disregarding any specific use of the medium or media; because it is precisely this solidity that secures the continuity of its value, both artistic and on the market.

Our aim is to arrive to a full understanding of our clients’ needs and interests. We follow them through the process of choosing, whether it is a single work, or the creation of an entire collection.