Minority Report

Minority Report is a section dedicated to showcasing young, talented and promising artists. Artists who despite of being at the very beginning of their careers already evidence great potential: A glimpse of, and a bet on the future.

Camilla Alberti

Born in Milan, 1994.
Lives and works in Milan.

After receiving her high school diploma, she attended the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Milan for one year, at the same time that she started to get interested in contemporary art. In 2014 she leaves the studies in philosophy to enroll in NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano), where she is about to obtain her BA. She also collaborates with an art critic since then.

Her work will be presented on September 28th 2017 at Spazio22 Window Project and will remain on view during the duration of the exhibition.

Camilla Alberti, featured works.

Landscape (2016-17) is a pictorial research aimed at the study of form, matter that makes up the Earth. The series starts from the isolation of a detail in a picture landscape, which is then reworked through study drawings that simplify the form. Then, the artist uses painting to redefine neat shapes that create a sharp contrast with the flat surface of the monochrome background.

Cornaredo (2015-16). The aim of this work is to analyse the three types of “house” present in the artist’s town, Cornaredo, considering them from an architectural point of view—so in their visual impact and structure—, and from a social point of view, that is to say from the idea of community: a human environment within a defined space. The analysed architectures are three: the villa, the palace and the town house.

Carlo Gambirasio

Born in Verona, 1994.
Lives and works in Milan.

Carlo Gambirasio has obtained a BA in Visual Arts from NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano, and is now pursuing an MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at the same institution.
He has performed at the Theatre of Learning, curated by Marco Scotini (2015), and his work has been showcased at MACAO, and Spazio Current, Milano (2016).

He is the first artist chosen for the Minority Report section, and his works were featured in Naturalia et artificialia in October 2016.

Carlo Gambirasio, featured works.

L’ancestrale (The ancestral) (2016) is a clock that only works when someone, or something approaches it, so the time it shows is the time it has spent close to someone, or something else.

Macchina della pioggia (Rain machine) (2016) is a mechanical device that creates non-reproducible images.
The machine projects a continuous image of circulating water that it won’t be able to ever reproduce.

Linea variabile (Variable line) (2016) investigates a constant variable in the construction of a landscape: the line of the horizon. The work introduces movement as a way to better understand the implications of the location of the line of the horizon, and therefore of a point of view.