Month: June 2016

Performance di E IL TOPO: Il manifesto rubato. Museo MADRE, venerdì 1 Luglio, 2016 ore 22, Napoli.

Durante la serata inaugurale della mostra Camille Corot sarà presente al museo il movimento E IL TOPO con l’azione performativa Il Manifesto Rubato (Sala della Musica, ore 22.00), durante la quale alcuni componenti del movimento saranno autori e allo stesso tempo vittime di azioni volte ad appropriarsi del loro stesso manifesto, custodito in un libro tascabile di recente pubblicazione (Un manifesto Topista, Edizioni Postmedia, Milano, 2016). E IL TOPO è un movimento internazionale e transgenerazionale portatore di un’attitudine sovversiva e libertaria, i cui progetti e azioni, sottilmente polemici, non conoscono né ruoli definiti né stili personali. Disseminati fra il pubblico, al Madre gli artisti daranno vita a situazioni imprevedibili e improvvise, dove ognuno, in modi e tempi diversi, interverrà per difendere e diffondere il libro e il suo manifesto. Autori degli interventi performativi: David Liver, Steve Piccolo, Martin Larralde, Giancarlo Norese, Gak Sato e Françoise Lonardoni, con riprese video di Armando della Vittoria. Artisti del movimento presenti: Gabriele Di Matteo, Piero Gatto, Angelo Leonardo, Francesca Napoli, Pietro Montone e Franco Silvestro.

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Axel Straschnoy, Le rappel à l’ordre (2016) opening June 30th, 5pm, at Forum Box, Helsinki


AXEL STRASCHNOY: Le rappel à l’ordre (2016) opening June 30th at 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
01.07.2016 – 31.07.2016

Single-channel video works have become an important part of the art world offerings among other reasons due to their extreme portability: they can be shipped around the world by way of a dropbox link, they can be streamed online, played on a small TV, projected on a wall, presented as part of a bigger programme, screened in film festivals. In short: their display method is standardised and they travel cheaply. They are the traveling work by definition.

On the other hand, traditional artworks with a strong physical presence need special packing to survive and sophisticated logistics to arrive from place to place. The film addresses the complex web of shipping that lies behind the international art world and traveling exhibitions while being, in itself, one of the most portable kinds of artworks there is.

Le rappel à l’ordre
Directed by Axel Straschnoy
Sound Design: Karri Niinivaara / B-Sound
Colour Grading: Jussi Myllyniemi / Whitepoint
Shot at: Kiasma, Taidehalli, Turun Taidemuseo, EKKM, KUMU, Tallinna Kunstihoone, Nacionaline Dailes
Galerija, Kauno Bienale & Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires
Supported by: AVEK / Elena Näsänen & TAIKE
Produced by Kolme Perunaa, 2016

Forum Box
Ruoholahdenranta 3a,
00180 Helsinki

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ECCENTRIC now represents the work of Tomislav Brajnović

We are pleased to announce that ECCENTRIC now represents the work of Tomislav Brajnović.

Tomislav Brajnović obtained his MA at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2003. He is Assistant Professor at the Applied Arts Academy, University of Rijeka and teaches courses at the MA in Media Arts and Practices program and New Media at Applied Arts program. He is member of the artist organisations Delta 5 and SIZ, and founder of Studio Golo Brdo and Supper with the Artist projects. His work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions in relevant spaces in Croatia and abroad.
He received several stipends and awards including Soros Grant, Gunk Foundation Grant and Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant.
Among the residencies he participated of are worth mentioning Leitrum Sculpture Centre, The Arctic Circle and FMC Kasterlee.

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Baptiste Debombourg’s film T.C.S. at the APCd Fondation in Marly


Excerpts of the film T.C.S will be screened in the context of the exhibition Mobili-té-tät-tà-ty at the APCd Fondation in Marly, Switzerland,  a project in progress by Baptiste Debombourg & Antoine Melchior (courtesy Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris).

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Federico Luger in Relevant Notes at Cara Gallery, New York

Federico Luger’s work is featured at Relevant Notes, a group exhibition that presents a dialogue between the work of 11 artists to explore the boundaries of disciplines among installation art, land art and architecture. Exhibiting in a wide variety of medias including installation, drawing, photography, painting and sculpture–each created over the past five decades – act as relevant notes to the testimony of the artists’ interpretation of the concept of human intervention. Studying their sustainability in the natural environment, these artists take the location and materials of their work into careful consideration using cultural, political and environmental histories to create art as a catalyst for change.

Through their respective practices, the exhibiting artists have been analyzing the unification of materials, space and nature to address the importance of interference. If the balance between these elements were to be lost the intervention of the artist would be lost as well. The visual and conceptual investigations into the conjunction of these elements transform the architectural space of the gallery into an exhibition space where the artist is evident and a vision is perceived.

Relevant Notes, as an exhibition, comments on the temporary nature of spatial structures and the constant flux of our environment. Physical and mental aspects of art making come through in order to express the importance of creating a history for a place and acknowledging the presence of the artist. With the constantly shifting nature of time and knowledge our focus is easily destabilized, causing us to forget what we have experienced in the past. The temporary aspect of these works, allow them to live in a location if only for a moment before they are moved or destroyed by the hand of man.

Artists Exhibited: Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Gianni Pettena, Bruna Esposito, Andres Jaque, Diango Hernandez, Igor Eskinja, Jason Middelbrook , Franklin Evans, Federico Luger, Matteo Berra, Ebtisam Abdulaziz.

From June 23 through July 30, 2016 at

Cara Gallery, 508 W 24th Street – New York, NY 10011.

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ECCENTRIC is pleased to announce that Axel Straschnoy has been shortlisted for the COLLIDE International Award, which is part of the COLLIDE CERN FACT Framework Partnership 2016-2018.

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