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Axel Straschnoy’s exhibition The Great Morning / Winds of long ago / Blow through the pine-trees on view in Buenos Aires until June 12

The exhibition at Del Infinito, which presents three projects by Straschnoy from the period 2003-2006, will close in a few days.

In a time when curators and art historians are beginning to write the history of the early 2000s in Buenos Aires, The Great Morning / Winds of long ago / Blow through the pine-trees places Straschnoy’s work in context. The exhibition highlights the way in which Straschnoy ́s projects proposed new forms of dialogue between the forces in struggle in the arts and in the political arena on those years. Taking a cue from the projects on display, the exhibition merges two ways of dealing with objects from the past, most of which were never meant to be exhibited but which are now the only leftovers from the projects they belong to: it is a retrospective from a curatorial viewpoint, as well as an artistic project on how to present pieces that were never realised. It is old and new work at the same time. It deals with the ideas of revisionism, rewriting, reconstruction and conservation: it is an exhibition about time and its dialogues.

Presented at Del Infinito, curated by Javier Villa

Av. Quintana 325 P.B, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From 12 May to 12 June 2016

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Ivana Adaime Makac’s Le Banquet on view in Pittsburgh until June 19

Ivana Adaime Makac’s Le Banquet is on view at the exhibition All Around Us at Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, until June 19.

This exhibition stands in awe of the quintillions of bugs that have inhabited our planet for millions of years and the complex relationship they maintain with our species. The works included here transform our tiny cohabitants superpowers into human-scale experiences, in an attempt to examine our conflicting relationship with insects. – Ali Momeni, Curator

Participating artists:  Jennifer Angus,  Daniel Campos, Garnet Hertz, Ivana Adaime Makac, Robin Meier & Andre Gwerder, Nathan Morehouse, Daniel Zurek& Sebastian Echeverri, Matthijs Munnik, Stephanie Ross, Jeff Shaw of Burghs Bee, Susana Soares, Bingrui Tang+CMU CREATE Lab

Wood Street Galleries
601 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

+1 (412) 471-5605

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