Month: August 2017

Ivana Adaime Makac at Le Bel Ordinaire art contemporain, Pau.

Ivana Adaime Makac, Le Banquet (2008-2017). Pedestal, fruits, flowers, vegetables, locusts or crickets; variable dimensions. Photos: Marc Dommage, Ivan Binet and Ivana Adaime-Makac.

Ivana Adaime Makac‘s ongoing work Le Banquet will be featured in the group show Enchanter le réel, curated by Claire Lambert at Le Bel Ordinaire art contemporain, Pau, from September 13 through November 18, 2017.

The exhibition explores how the imaginary architecture oscillates between pure fiction and utopia. The artists are invited to reflect on how, as human beings, we both inhabit and are inhabited by the habitat.

In Le Banquet, Adaime Makac reverts the process by inviting insects to taste sculptures and structures composed of fruits, flowers, vegetables and different types of food.

Artists: Ivana Adaime Makac, Michel Blazy, Alain Bublex, Benedetto Bufalino, Frédéric Chaubin, Filip Dujardin, Nicolas Floc’h, Yona Friedman, Taro Izumi, Béranger Laymond, Marine Pages and Peter Wüthrich.

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Anja Puntari’s project Kit Flowknow will be presented on October 13 in Venice.

Gabriele Di Matteo, Questo quadro forse Vi aiuterà a vedere meglio, 1994. Olio su tela, 129 x 70 cm.

Anja Puntari’s project Kit Flowknow  will be presented on October 13 in Venice.

During the last five years, Anja Puntari has extended her artistic research to the field of business, especially business coaching. In the context of this aspect of her investigation, she developed Flowknow, a methodology that uses the artistic approach and artworks for facilitating business coaching; and the Flowknow Cards are tools to apply this approach.

For the Flowknow Cards of Emotions, produced by Performant in collaboration with ECCENTRIC Art & Research, Puntari invited eleven artists from ECCENTRIC: Ivana Adaime Makac, Camilla Alberti, Tomislav Brajnović, Sarah Ciracì, Gabriele Di Matteo, Federico Luger,  Brian Montuori, Anja Puntari, Axel Straschnoy e Massimiliano Viel ; and one invited artist, Teresa Capasso, to feature 3 to 6 images of their works in the cards. The images have been selected by Gabriela Galati together with the artists, and the whole Kit includes also a dictionary of competences (from a previous deck of cards), a glossary of the emotions of this deck, and a catalogue with all the works and images featured on the cards.

The project will be presented on October 13 at Tese dei Soppalchi dell’Arsenale, Venezia.

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