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Baptiste Debombourg’s solo exhibition “RAGING DREAMS over the horizon” opens on May 19th at S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery, Bergen.

RAGING DREAMS over the horizon
Baptiste Debombourg 19.05-16.07.17
Vernissage 19.05.17 at 7 p.m.

S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the opening of the exhibition RAGING DREAMS over the horizon by the French artist Baptiste Debombourg.

Debombourg has received international acclaim for his monumental installations. Waves of broken glass are breaking into and flooding rooms and structures, taking over and transforming buildings and areas. The work can be experienced as both threatening and beautiful as the artist both destroys and rebuilds. The broken and reconstructed material conveys many stories and is often interpreted as a critique of the world we live in – of consumerism or a world in the process of falling apart.

In S12’s Gallery Baptiste Debombourg has made a new installation– Raging Dreams where the energy and power of dreams is a central theme, and where the main material is laminated glass. Debombourg does work with a variety of materials and techniques, but prefers to use materials we are surrounded with in our daily life. In this installation, the remodeled sheets of broken laminated glass, remind us of the destructive abilities of natural forces, as they take over the the gallery, parallel with the silhouette horizon in the background. Through his unique and eye catching artwork he makes the viewer experience his/hers surroundings in a new and unexpected way.

Baptiste Debombourg is an innovative artist who pushes boundaries, explores various media and collaborates with artists from other fields, be it artists, architects or fashion designers. He lives and works in Paris. Debombourg has studied sculpture at Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Lyon and did his post-graduate work at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In France he is one of the most outstanding artists of his generation
with numerous public presentations at home and abroad to his merit. He has built installations in cities such as Paris, Strasbourgh, Miami, Québec and Sarajevo, and will in May ´17 present a new public installation in Le Havre on the occasion of the city’s 500th anniversary.

For more information on Baptiste Debombourg please click here.

To download an interview on the project with Bergljót Jónsdóttir, Director of S12, Bergen, please follow this link:  NG 2 2017, S12 Baptiste Debombourg, S, 28 – 31.