ECCENTRIC Art & Research now represents the work of Jane Grant.

Jane Grant; Suspension (1998). Double projection, video-tape, silent, looped.


We are thrilled to announce that ECCENTRIC Art & Research now represents the work of Jane Grant.

Jane Grant is an artist and writer. Her work explores ideas in art and science, specifically astrophysics, neuroscience and the history of scientific ideas.
Her sonic artwork Ghost was premiered at ISEA Istanbul, this work explored the temporal, topological networks and pathways of the cortex in conjunction with brain hallucination or ‘neural ghosts.’ Jane sometimes works collaboratively creating award winning works such as The Fragmented Orchestra, a vast sonic artwork based on neuronal firing patterns in the brain, which won the PRSF Award for New Music and an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars and Plasticity which was premiered at the BFI, onedotzero festival and Google Campus, London. She recently created Fathom, a huge artwork that sonically immersed participants in an underwater sound environment by creating a sonic surface 6ft above the floor.
Jane is currently working on a triptych of artworks, Other Worlds, One Hundred Million Ghosts and How to Disappear Completely, which are about longing, black holes and the multiverse.
Jane writes about noise, the mutability of matter, desire and astrophysics. She is Associate Professor (Reader) in Digital Arts at Plymouth University where she is co-director of the research group Art and Sound and Principle Supervisor in the Planetary Collegium, CAiiA-Node.

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About Suspension (1998):

‘Suspension traces the endeavors of technological progress; somber reflections on the hopeless attempt to defy gravity, to lift off, to take flight from the human inevitable. This looped work is given continuity through repetition, the suspension or extension of an instant. The work avoids preludes and outcomes, hovering in the midst of an event-less presence like lost, found or isolated film footage’.

Emma Posey (1998) in the exhibition catalogue Still, Jane Grant, published by Chapter, Wales.