Carlo Gambirasio has joined ECCENTRIC Art & Research.

Macchina della pioggia (2016). Projector, stainless steel, hydraulic pump, refrigeration system, light bulbs, software, basins, iron tripod; 200 x 70 x 70 cm.

We are delighted to announce that ECCENTRIC Art & Research now represents Carlo Gambirasio.

Carlo Gambirasio has obtained a BA in Visual Arts from NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano, and is now pursuing an MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at the same institution.
He has performed at the Theatre of Learning, curated by Marco Scotini (2015), and his work has been showcased at MACAO, Spazio Current, Milano and La Triennale di Milano (2016).
He was the first artist chosen for the Minority Report section, and his works were featured in Naturalia et artificialia in October 2016.

Gambirasio’s research is focused on technology in a very broad sense, and the use one makes of it for creating alternative realities. His works often consist in devices imagined and built by the artist with the aim of reflecting on a specific concept, and on the rules and logics of artificial worlds.

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